Sarah Billups writes in the NYT that regardless of the outcome of the election, there is a sizable remnant of evangelicals who will persist in choosing human flourishing over fear:

Pelican Project member Karen Swallow Prior gives reasons why voting for a third-party is an acceptable option:

Pelican Project member Tish Harrison Warren writes about why voting for Trump doesn’t necessarily equal a vote for religious freedom:

Trevin Wax thinks Americans will be shocked on Election Day 2020:

Joel Halldorf addresses the relationship between evangelicalism and politics:

President Trump switches denominations, now a non-denominational Christian rather than a Presbyterian:

PODCAST: Pelican Project member Lindsey Medenwaldt interviewed one of her Mama Bear Apologetics teammates, Amy Davison, about her experiences with Wicca:

Cover photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash