Good food for thought, reflection, and conversation:

The 88-year-old son of a slave shares his fascinating story:

A New Testament scholar shows how the early church was mocked for being welcoming to women:

A controversy over Catholic writer Flannery O’Connor’s racism erupts:

Nostalgic for nostalgia: people used to pine for a simpler life. Now they’ve got it – and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be:

Everyone is talking about the book White Fragility. Ed Stetzer launches a series discussing it with Christian leaders:

Podcast pick of the week: The Freakonomics podcast Why Are Stories Stickier Than Statistics? cited a study that found that more people can remember the ingredients to a Big Mac than the Ten Commandments. We know stories matter, and this podcast reveals some interesting information about why this is.

Cover photo by Chris W on Unsplash